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Founded in 1996, by Karel van Haeften and Terry Arellano, Cemetery Property Resales serves buyers and sellers of privately owned cemetery property in the greater San Francisco Bay Area including the North, East and South Bay cemeteries. Karel van Haeften is a licensed cemetery broker (CEB 951) and all staff and sales persons are licensed by the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, together offering over 100 years of experience!


As a full service brokerage firm, we research and verify property ownership and have the complete authority to represent sellers in the sale of their property. Our staff personally meets interested buyers at the cemetery to show available properties and help them select locations to save off the high cost of buying direct from cemeteries throughout the Bay Area. 


Over the last 20 years we have sold approximately 6,000 properties and saved buyers over $9,000,000 per year off current retail cemetery prices.


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We have hundreds of listings at several convenient locations throughout the Bay area. Click here for a list of locations we represent.

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Choose from hundreds of discounted properties.
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