"When we were first called by Skylawn we didn't want to deal with things like that. It did start us thinking but it took some time to adjust to the idea. That talk convinced us that we really should make plans and better to make them far ahead rather than putting it off until they are needed.
     Now, weeks later, we realize how much peace of mind it has given us. We're so glad it's done. Our children are also relieved that we have made specific arrangements and taken the worry of it from them."

Mrs. Robert K. Jones

"Only your dogged persistence got me to visit Skylawn and make a decision to stop procrastinating. Thank you for your assistance. I guess you are the kind of person that helps a lot of people, probably in a lot of different areas."

Gerry White

"Over a period of four years we tried unsuccessfully to sell our four plots at Skylawn Memorial Park. It took you only fourteen weeks."

William & Clarice Baranski

"Thank you very much for helping us get the two plots at Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery. We got a good bargain and the price is just right within our means. 
Since then we have visited the place twice, and each time there was a funeral. As we watch the funeral, we felt assured that when the time comes we know we have a place to rest."

David & Eloisa Lagman

"I would strongly recommend your services to anyone seeking a burial plat, whether for future planning or immediate need. The savings are significant and help reduce the otherwise ridiculous costs of death."

Andrew Vik

"Your effort in locating the cemetery plots and following through on our pre-need plans so quickly is appreciated.
Jessie & I commend you on your expedient service in handling this matter. Thank you again."

Edward Tin

"Because of your service we were able to save a considerable amount to f money for a plot compare to the current Skylawn price for plots in the cemetery.
"We will gladly recommend your service to our family and friends, and you can be assured that we certainly will contact you again if the need arises."

Hessam and Christine Wessal

"Thank you....the property is in a very excellent location and the price was great!"

Al & Lillian Cafferahn

"We had been trying to sell our cemetery property at Oak Hill for the last couple of years....I heard about Karel van Haeften...in less than two weeks he had our property sold and found us another at Cedar Lawn....He is prompt, courteous, and very professional."

Galen Ricketts

"Thank you for selling my cemetery plot so quickly. I have tried for over a year, and paid quite a lot of money for advertising in the newspapers."

Mrs. Dolores Root

"Thank you for helping us through a very difficult time.
That we saved significant amounts over the price we had expected is also appreciated."

Diane Cira

"Everything you did was handled in a very professional manner. What pleased us was the fact that you were always available with we needed to contact you. Everything went so fast and smooth, as you had a buyer for our cemetery property when I called to inquire about your services."

Roy & Darlene Naylor


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