Benefits of Before-Need Cemetery Property Ownership

  • Protect your loved ones, rather than burden them with this obligation.
  • Husband and wife can decide together, rather than alone or with a stranger.
  •  Selection is greater today and will be more limited tomorrow.
  • Save money by buying today. Prices increase due to demand and cemetery price control.
  • Decide rationally, weighing choices, rather than forced into emotional decision.
  • It is better to have a cemetery plan and not need it than to need one and not have it. 
  • You are solving a problem today that will not go away until you face it.
  • Your spouse may not favor the expenditure now, but your widow(er) will. 
  • Before you are ready to decide and take responsibility, someone else may be forced to make the decides for you.
  • Why expect someone else to do for you that which you refuse to do for yourself?
  • Family cemetery property adds value to your estate. Preserve family unity.
  • Ownership is forever.  It is tax-free and can never be assessed or attached.
  • Life insurance provides protection only until next premium is paid.
  • If it is difficult to discuss now, it will be even more difficult at time of bereavement.
  • The worst time to decide or buy is at the time of need.
  • Peace of mind and dignity, knowing your “house is in order”.
  • A widow cannot use a lot or crypt her husband intended to buy.
  • We never know when we will die.  Age and health is no guarantee for a long life.

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